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Testimonials from Directors who Work with Chanie
My teachers are engaged in meetings and are super excited for the new year!
We are fully staffed, and teachers feel supported and happy.
Teachers are sending me messages to tell me how much they love working at the school!
My staff is buzzing with excitement!

"Chanie gave my team more confidence and competence to succeed"

If you want a reduction in hitting, biting and general impulsive behaviors in the classroom and an increase in teachers ability to support children with these needs, then… Chanie is your person!

After trying many different programs my teachers still needed a better way to learn the skill set to see the antecedents to behaviors or in general a toolkit of strategies to work positively with their children, I reached out to Chanie.

Now, my staff have practical strategies, scripts and guidelines of how to work with children with all different sensory needs.

Even more, Chanie shared her workbook how to observe, document and lead the meeting with the parents that you are concerned about. This gives my team even more confidence and competence that they need to succeed.

- Ben Poswalk, Paradise Preschool

Wins from Our Director Community

Katie Duggan had an incredibly success first staff meeting of the year to introduce the theme, create a shared vision and plan out goals. What a great win!

"First staff meeting of the school year in the books! I cannot express how successful it was! From introducing our theme, to starting to create a shared vision, mini goal setting session, and sharing how we can help each other achieve our goals. This is a huge WIN, and I am so excited to see what the rest of the year will bring!"

Courtney 'Hubbard' Greiner told her teachers they were having a staff meeting... but really she surprised them with an activity to celebrate them and why they should be proud.. and then they had a painting party to boost staff morale! 

Nicole Langdo asked her Assistant Director to take on the task of leading our staff fireside chats, and she did an incredible job including to set up a nice environment for them with the right atmosphere.

Talie Levine had a huge win this week. She changed the format of staff meetings to focus on creating a culture of accomplishments and sharing with this afternoon message, an idea she got from the responsive classroom.

Even though the teachers were initially hesitant, they started to realize just how many wins they have had this year already --- such a great win!!!

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