Effective Meeting Blueprint

Finally, a system to PLAN, LEAD, and SUCCEED with EVERY meeting!

Do you…


  • Wonder how you can inspire your team during staff meetings?
  • Dream of getting everyone engaged and showing up on time?
  • Want to make time to personally meet with each teacher to discuss her goals?
  • Wonder how to translate these meetings into execution and hold your teachers accountable?
  • Wish that your teachers had crystal clear communication with everyone, knowing exactly what their responsibilities are every day with no misunderstandings?
  • Wish your veteran teachers could share a little more of their knowledge and expertise with everyone else on the team?
Each time that I have introduced Chanie to a group of early childhood leaders, she has inspired them by her knowledge, passion and insight. She is comfortable with many kinds of educators and with sharing ideas that are new or that are being presented with a new twist or understanding. Sue Topek

Director, The Jewish Education Project

Here are some shocking statistics for you:

11 MILLION meetings
are held in the US each day!
63% of meetings are conducted without a pre-planned agenda. 
Over 33% of people that join meetings found them unproductive! 

The most common complaints from teachers about meetings are:

  • No decision made
  • Poor preparation
  • Disorganized
  • Individuals dominating
  • Could have been communicated through email
  • Sidebar conversations
  • Stretched out longer than necessary

Effective Meetings are the ones…

where teachers readily share ideas and everyone is offering input and strategizing together.

that are a delight to walk into and a pleasure to walk out of.

where everyone feels at ease and can be themselves, and there is a clear agenda with goals and results

And best of all …

EVERYONE takes action
without you running around after them for days or weeks on end.

These are the kinds of meetings you NEED
if you want to continue to build your school

“Through using Chanie’s strategies for the one on one meetings with my teachers- it allowed me to create a platform to build great communication with the teachers which then created a space for us to brainstorm ways to deal with issues and implement strategies as needed for each classroom.

It directly influenced the classroom as the teacher felt empowered after our meeting to handle issues or circumstances. I saw teachers growing in their ability to interact with students even better, have better classroom management, have better communication with parents, growth in curriculum and a handle on a student that needed more.

To be honest, more than anything it helped me appreciate and guide teachers rather than believing a teacher was just not cut out for a specific area of teaching.

It has been helping set a tone of professionalism and educational growth in all staff.

I’d say it helped me be a more effective director by freeing up time to focus on meetings and internal structure.” Mimi Wilhelm

Director, The Gan in Portland, Oregon

What if I told you that you could reach inside my “Private Vault”
and use the strategies and tips to create a meeting where:

  • every teacher was engaged
  • everyone knew their role and responsibility
  • everyone came on time
  • and everyone took action — EVERY TIME!
Had my first kick off meeting with each teacher — it went so well!

We sat down and defined some long term school year, personal goals as well as short term classroom work goals. We broke then down to attainable action steps. I got great feedback. So far so good!

Also, I was able to work on my own goal of stepping up my documentation game. Proud of my first panel, waiting to see where else it takes us! Thanks again for your help!” Alissa Peskin

Curriculum Director, Center City Jewish Preschool in Philadephia, PA

I can help you do this – and you don’t need to invest dozens of hours.
These strategies can be implemented at tomorrow’s meeting!

Be very honest
have you been talking about following up with teachers one on one for years and still haven’t?
Or only sometimes do?
If so, it’s time to make change

I’d like to invite you to join
Effective Meeting Blueprint

With the Effective Meeting Blueprint Mini-Course, you will learn:

  • The meeting archetypes and the formula that guarantees focus, execution and results!

  • Skills and the Strategies for each type of meeting

  • Design thinking – How to get everyone on your team thinking creatively

  • How to make time for teacher observation, individual meetings and the framework for follow up and accountability

I will help you take your dream of follow up and make it the hardcore reality of every meeting.
This is the program that will move you closer to your goals.

You won’t just learn how to run an effective meeting — you will become a better leader

This is about exercising a new skill of planning, execution and accountability.
Once you learn this skill, you can apply it to every other part of your school and dramatically take you school to a whole new level!

Inside this mini course you will find 5 lessons:

Lesson 1: The Meeting Archetypes

  • 5 meeting Archetypes
  • 4 by 4 framework
  • 7 part checklist for planning
  • Agenda formula that guarantees focus, execution and results!

Lesson 2: Skills and Strategies

  • Skills and Strategy to execute on The Huddle
  • Problem Solving meeting
  • Team Building

Lesson 3: Curriculum Planning & Brainstorming

  • How to do effective reflection with your team?
  • Design Thinking – How to get everyone thinking Creatively?
  • Meeting framework for curriculum planning and brainstorming meetings.
  • Strategies to get everyone coming on time
  • A tool for measuring progress

Lesson 4: Individual Teacher Meetings (The Fireplace Chat)

  • How to make time in your calendar for individual teacher meetings?
  • What the structure of the meeting should be?
  • How to follow up with each teacher?
  • How to hold them accountable to what you discussed?

Lesson 5: The Tactical Vault

  • Strategies and tips for making the meeting exciting, motivational and getting everyone engaged
  • Meeting Etiquette
  • Environment
  • Nourishment
  • Problem solving
“The real transformation was with 100% of my staff sitting down and creating lists of responsibilities of what every teacher and an assistant are responsible for.

There is more crystal clear communication and as a director I see the difference it makes!” Wendy Gerson

Director, Darchei Torah in New York

“Chanie is a ‘teacher’s teacher,’ whose expertise, experience, skills and talents benefit students and faculty alike. Her knowledge of child development coupled with her positive outlook and encouragement make her a superb educator. Her professionalism and expertise will enrich the lives of those she encounters.” Goldie Golding

Early Childhood Director, Yeshivat Shaare Torah

Effective Meeting Blueprint will teach you

how to run effective staff meetings with simple strateagies
that build creativity, boost problem solving skills,


allow for follow up, powerful accountability and results for each teacher.


You can have a collaborative team of teachers who work together


Hours and hours of back and forth conversation,
frustration of barely moving the needle at the end of the meeting
and yet another incomplete meeting agenda.


What if I can't keep up with the course?
Don’t worry, you have lifetime access to this course. So take it at your own pace.
I don't know how to use technology, will I be able to figure this out?
I designed the course with the least tech possible. Everything is really laid out for you on a silver platter.

There is no complicated software – just login and watch the videos at your own pace.

Should you have any difficulties – I have a team of people waiting to help you.

Will this really help me follow up with my team and hold them accountable?
Yes! Yes! The strategies that I have laid out work. I’ve tested it out with other schools and directors. Trust the system and execute on it. It will work.
How can I be sure these tips and strategies will help inspire my team to be more creative?
How can I be sure these tips and strategies will help inspire my team to be more creative?
Can’t I find all this information on Google?
Maybe, if you sit and google your brains out. But if you could find the answers, you would have found them already and you would have implemented them in your school as well.

But have you?

What EMB will do for you is provide you will the road map you need
to plan, lead and succeed at every single meeting.

It will provide you with the support you need to implement these strategies.
We all need support – and that’s why the DiscoverED directors Lounge is the one of the most supportive online communities for progressive EC directors. Many of you are part of it already and during the duration of this course, I’ll be supporting you through it all.

What if I take the course and I don't LOVE it?
I invite you to try these strategies in your school for your next meeting. All I ask is that you give it try.
Try the huddle or design thinking or even use the agenda guidelines to prepare more effectively for your meeting that will ensure action taking.
I built this course over YEARS of sitting through hundreds of meetings and then studying how to really create an effective meetings.

I’ve tested out these strategies and ideas as you see from many happy clients. They WORK!

This course isn’t just about having an effective meeting (though you will have that)
This course is about truly understanding how to reach your teacher in a way that will truly drive them to take action.
It’s about you making behavioral changes and bringing that growth into your school.

And if I can help you leverage this to make more of an impact in your school, reach more children and connect deeper with your team, — that’s a job well done!!!

So my offer is this: join the program and see for yourself – if you absolutely don’t love it and the strategies aren’t working for your school. Well then, email me within 14 days and you will get 100% of your money back.

Here is what you get:

5 recorded lessons packed with strategies, tips and a framework for each meeting.
PDFs + Templates for you to take action and use at every meeting
Support and Accountability throughout the program in case you get stuck

What others are saying about Effective Meeting Blueprint:

“Through using the block and tackle method I stopped trying to do everything at once. I now make the time to do important tasks. What’s even better, my team members help me accomplish my goals Margaret Stobbs

Director of 29 years, Olivia DiMaio Inc. LaSalle, Ontario Canada

“After incorporating the Block and Tackle method – I’ve created specific times for parent outreach – I’m now moving onto creating this time block for teacher observation.

It’s incredible how much the relationships with parents have improved!

No more hoping, wishing and praying that I magically find the time to do it – it’s on my calendar and I get it done!” Yehudis Steiner

Director, Kinder Sports in Ontario Canada

“Before trying out these new strategies from Effective Meeting Blueprint, we didn’t really have a system for personal teaching meeting, observation and follow up.

Now, I started making meetings with my teachers twice a week. Tuesday for an hour and Thursdays for 90 minutes.

I learned about the strategies on a Monday morning, by the end of the week I had met with 3 of my teachers!

I was truly on a high – it was amazing for me and my teachers.

Another thing, I have always wanted to get into the classes and observe., so using the block and tackle method I created a slot in my calendar where I observe in classes.

I was hesitant at first about trying something new – but I LOVE it! My teachers are no longer strangers to me – I know what going on in their lives, and the teachers were thrilled!” Pearl Stroh

Director, Chabad Early Learning Center in Upper West Side NYC


Chanie Wilschanski M.S.Ed is an early childhood strategist and leadership coach – founder of DiscoverED Consulting a RESULTS driven company designed for early childhood progressive directors who want top talent teachers, maxed out registration, parents who value their work and more strategies and time with less overwhelm!

With a decade of experience and extensive training in the Reggio Approach she has had the privilege of training thousands of educators spanning 6 continents and 16 countries.

She is also the author of the DiscoverED Curriculum Series – The Ultimate Idea Generator which guides early childhood centers to bringing in more progressive materials and provocations into all the centers for many different units of study and the Jewish Holidays.

In addition, Chanie currently directs the early childhood program at the Beis Rivkah Seminary in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY where she lives with her husband and 3 children.

Professional Experience

  • I started my journey over a 11 years ago and taught in Manhattan’s innovative Preschool of the Arts for 5 years.
  • In 2012 I got my Masters in Early Childhood and Special ED from Mercy College.
  • Currently I’m a professor for the EC course in Beth Rivkah teaching Seminary.
  • I’ve worked with schools from 6 continents and 16 different countries!

A Bit About Me…

  • I am a wife and mother of 3 beautiful children ages 2, 4 and 6.
  • A sibling to 7 brothers and sisters
  • A Sensory lover! I have 3 sensory bins in my living room and one of them is a kiddie pool!
  • I’m a suburban girl who who grew up in Elizabeth NJ and now live in Brooklyn NY (still getting used to city life)
  • I write weekly thank you letters – EVERY Friday morning for 30 minutes. I’ve written letters to friends, clients, family members, authors and speakers who have inspired me.
  • I love warm hot espressos and a really good avocado sushi roll
  • I read on average 2 books a week – that range from leadership, early childhood, marketing, parent relationships, productivity and much more.

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