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The World’s Leading Program for Early
Childhood School Directors…

…. ready to jump off the “hamster wheel” of fighting fires, chronic overwhelm and time-starvation for good!

Ready to know exactly how to handle
the emotionally draining teacher? The crying
parent? Your own “off days”?

Let me show you how…

The change I’ve experienced in a year is mindblowing.”

“I have to send you a quick message because I just had this huge mindshift moment and realization. I’ve been regularly going to a coffee shop close to work to minimize the distractions. In a hour I can get an unbelievable amount of work done and my mind is so clear and sharp (plus lattes – WIN). I’m just leaving and my mind is swirling with the upcoming things I want to work on. I realized though I’m not overwhelmed or stressed. I’m excited and energized! I’ve gotten to the point where I’m working on the ‘big picture’ stuff and the daily managing operations is running so smoothly with everything implemented that I’ve learned from you over the last year. Thank you. The change I’ve experienced in a year is mindblowing. You’ve opened up my world to everything I was absolutely craving and searching for everywhere but always coming up short and just couldn’t find. What you provide to Directors is extraordinary. Thank you for your work – I’m so incredibly grateful I found you.”

Jillian Farris

Director, A Tiny Lab for Early Learning



A 12-month Virtual Learning Community

Click below to make 2019 your
school’s most successful year to date!

Spots are extremely limited. By application only.

As a School Director you’re
on the frontline every single day, and faced with…

Having difficult conversations with
parents & staff members

(What if you had a script you could use, instead of agonizing
for hours – or days – on how to reply to that email or how to talk to that teacher giving you the silent treatment?)

Getting interrupted by knocks on
your door (ALL DAY LONG!!!)

(Imagine hours of uninterrupted time to do your ACTUAL JOB,
instead of tending to everyone’s “micro crisis” all day long)

Wondering, “How do I get buy-in
from teachers and parents?!”

(Instead of “people pleasing” your way to getting projects
done, what if you had a solid strategy to get buy-in, all the time?)

Struggling to meet deadlines!

(We can help you turn your school into a well-oiled machine. Report
cards. Newsletters. Portfolios. Projects. They get dealt with on time. And without you needing to “check in” or babysit your teachers)


You want to do the best job
you can, but nobody actually
showed you HOW!

You’re DONE feeling “in-over-your-head” and isolated. DONE with the lack of work-life balance. And no… you no longer have to tolerate printing and filing stuff yourself for hours *slams head on keyboard in despair*.

It’s time to stop fixing everyone else’s problems (and wear 12 different hats), and focus on becoming what you set out to be:

An Excellent School Director.

You’re in the right place. Because we’re going
to show you the “HOW” part inside of…



The World’s Leading Program for Early Childhood School Directors – who want to take charge of their school, staff and time!

The change that is happening is long-lasting.”

I’ve learned that I don’t need the perfect answer because my team is capable and competent. As I’ve let go and given them the right direction – through Chanie’s help, my mindset is shifting. The change that is happening now is long lasting and not another fleeting moment of an idea.

Lisa Sciabica

Director, Mariners Church Preschool

Hey, I’m Chanie Wilschanski

Early Childhood Leadership Coach and Culture Specialist

I began my journey over a decade ago teaching toddlers at the acclaimed Preschool of the Arts in NYC.

Continuing my path into higher studies and receiving my Masters in EC and Special Education, I started training teachers and school leaders on the HOW part of creating excellence in their school.

Through my journey, I got married and I have 4 children ages 1, 4, 6 and 8. My hands are full! I know what it takes to lead a large center and have a full-time job at home as well.

I used to run FB Lives while feeding my 4 month old baby!

"Chanie's help has been life-changing for me."

“I am amazed sometimes when I open my mouth and a very professional, well thought out, strong instruction or advice comes out! Not a day has gone by that I am not thankful for Chanie’s help! It has been life changing for me! BIG FAN!”

Missy Griffin

Director, The Growing Room Preschool

During the 12-months of this
virtual mastermind, you’ll discover
how to effectively…


Stop bargaining for authority. And
being afraid staff, or parents might
take offence.



Scared you’ll say the wrong thing?
Not anymore, because I’m showing you what to say – handing you scripts you can follow to the letter.


To-do’s ending up in no-man’s land?
The “Meet the Deadline” framework will put an end to that. Picture all your teachers meeting their deadlines:


Feeling like an island? The Inner Circle will teach you that you’re not insane. That we all have hard days. And that we all lose our sh** with a teacher sometimes. #nojudgement


Second-guessing everything you do? Inside the Inner Circle you’ll start feeling confident and OWN who you are (no more apologizing the whole time!).


Let me show you how you (and your team!) will get 2x as much done, in less than half the time. Never feel behind ever again!


Put a stop to re-inventing
the wheel, and having inconsistencies that throw off parents and unsettle teachers.


Put a stop to micromanaging your
people! And have EMPOWERED teachers take charge (instead of knocking on your door to ask if they can get into the bandaids).


Text from director’s husband:
“I finally have our nights back. My wife hasn’t b******  about the teachers for weeks”. Yep, when school stops being a drama, your personal life improves (plus you get to have dinner with the fam).


If you’ve been struggling getting parents and staff on board, we’ll show you how to change that. And get buy-in, all the time.



(The feeling people get when they enter your school,
even if they’re just stopping in for a visit)

It’s time to stop exhausting yourself
with never-ending micro-emergencies…

(from untangling hallway fights, to speeding
to the office supply store to pick up ink cartridges –
before it closes. Missing dinner. Again)

…and take charge of your to-do list,
your staff, your students and parents
in one fell swoop!


Within 3 months of joining the
Director’s Inner Circle, you’ll have taken back
your time and honed in on the goals and projects that are aligned with your vision.

Within 6 months you’ll dramatically
increase buy-in and create a culture
your staff + parents love…

… and after 12 months, this is
what you can expect:


Life-changing results for
Early Childhood School Directors – JUST LIKE YOU…

“No more rush to get the year started!”

It’s August, and unlike other school directors? I’m not feeling frazzled and overwhelmed to get the year started! I feel in control because with Chanie’s help, I’ve set up the right systems & strategies. I’m ready!

Rivka Wineberg

Director, Chabad of Long Island City

“The Inner Circle has ERADICATED
organizational chaos!”

Before joining the Inner Circle things always got done when they needed to,  but… I had no real set schedule for how I spent “my time” getting things done. The result? Feeling overwhelmed and out of control. That’s now a thing of the past.

Brenda Gill

Director, Gillam Preschool & Child Centre in Gillam, Manitoba

“This investment transformed
the retention rate with my staff!”

“Game-changer! I’m more proactive, and encourage and empower my staff, instead of trying to “solve” the issue for them. They love the ownership this gives them. And they are far more happy working with me!”

Barbara Labotka

Director, Cardinal Bernardin Early Childhood Center in Chicago



A 12-month Virtual Learning Community

Click below to make 2019 your
school’s most successful year to date!

Spots are extremely limited. By application only.

Never guesswork your way

through another staff meeting, or difficult conversation ever again!

Because inside of the Director’s Inner Circle,
we offer you all the resources to show exactly what to do, how to act and what to say!


Scripts, templates, guidelines
and blueprints include…

1. Meet The Deadline Framework

This PROVEN framework guarantees that teachers meet their deadlines. No more tangled up timelines or embarrassing “sorry, but we’ll need to reschedule”. Never feel behind ever again.

2. Difficult Conversation template

Scared you’ll say the wrong thing at the crucial moment? This SCRIPTED TEMPLATE will give you the confidence to initiate and stay in a difficult conversation with a teacher.

3. The Teacher’s Goal Tracker

This tracker empowers teachers to take responsibility (instead of leaning on you). And get their goals set, and… met – without you having to babysit them through the entire process!

4. The Culture Audit

This analytic tool will help you get a grasp on your school culture – so you can actively work towards improving (and celebrating with your team what works!).

5. The Culture Dashboard

Ever had a great idea, but you just never implemented it? This Culture Dashboard (listing your most important activities) will help you IMPLEMENT what you’ve discovered during the audit.

6. The Roles & Responsibilities for the Classroom – Virtual Masterclass

Learn my bullet-proof method for doing away with annoying misunderstandings (resulting in botched deadlines, making a poor impression or causing a conflict) – in this 30 60-minute masterclass.

7. The Parent Partnerships Blueprint

Want meaningful & authentic relationships with parents? Of course you do! This blueprint will get you there. With simple daily actions that build incredible trust over time.

8. The Time Mastery Roadmap

How does 3 hours of uninterrupted time per day sound?  Because that’s what happens once you implement this “get the to-do list DONE” roadmap. Helping you see your calendar in a completely new way. And manage interruptions without feeling bad!

“Now we have standards for everything.”

“Over the year we have created standards for everything in our school. Our team has a universal language for how we communicate and everyone holds each other accountable to that!”

Sharon Hopson

Owner and Director, la Belle Villa Montessori

“The lack of routines? I’d almost accepted it as “just the way it is”! Now I know differently… “

“Before working with Chanie, our teachers were struggling (creating developmentally appropriate schedules, routines…). Now, they’re getting SO MUCH accomplished – without feeling like they are running in circles. We feel truly grateful!”

Jaclyn Voss

Director, Little Learners Preschool

But we’re not just
offering you resources.


The magic is in the direct support + accountability you need to implement and get results within 90 days!!


What do the first 90 days look like?

PLUS, as a member of the Director’s
Inner Circle you get access to…


Over the course of a decade, I’ve developed a core curriculum for school excellence. The 6 training lessons, will help you methodically move forward – so that success is no longer a “how did this happen” but the inevitable effect of your new habits, routines and attitude.


Every 2 weeks, we meet in my online meeting room and I’ll answer your questions. I share my screen, give you instructions and on the spot feedback.

Can’t make a call? You can submit your question prior to the call, and you can listen to the recording to get your answer.


You’ll also be getting a done for you email – ready to copy and paste to send to your staff with links to any videos or articles from our Newsroom.


The private, members-only community is a SAFE SPACE. Here you can ask all your questions – without being afraid of peoples’ reactions. Besides direct support, I give weekly steps so you will get consistent results.


Instead of having you figure out on your own what to focus on when… we’ll help you. With additional monthly support sessions, you’ll learn how to use your time + how to set goals and GET IT DONE (ready for your to-do list to get shorter by the day?).


You’ll get instant access to the blueprints, guidelines, scripts and worksheets that will move the needle on your school.

These simple, 5-10 minute activities will get you things like an empowered staff, more meaningful interactions with teachers, an increase in confidence in your own leadership, and more!


Every Thursday from 8-9pm ET, you can message me, ask the questions on your mind and get answers to your EXACT situation.


Instead of walking around with problems for weeks (not knowing how to respond to a parent, avoiding a tough conversation with a teacher) you’ll know EXACTLY how to proceed within minutes (BONUS: peace of mind you’ve done the right thing).


Every month we dramatically improve a particular area. Like the “Close the Door Challenge”. This is REAL accountability. I follow up with you regularly. Helping you stay on track. Celebrating your wins alongside you. Added bonus? If you win the challenge you get $50 worth of Amazon gifts of your choice, delivered on your doorstep.

TOTAL VALUE: $25,000

(p.s. The investment of joining is
less than a fraction of this)


Effective Meeting Blueprint:

A mini-course on how to plan, lead, and succeed at every meeting.

20-minute 1:1 Session with Chanie

Making sure your roadmap is targeted
and aligned with your goals during a 20-minute 1-1 with Chanie.

$500 Discount for Live Event Ticket

A two-day event in NYC for Early Childhood Owners and Directors.

Free Access to All Other Courses

Including The School Leadership Toolkit,
The Complete EC Leadership Conference,
The Teacher Training Vault and more!

Spend 2 hours a week inside the Inner Circle, get back 20! (yes, that’s a guarantee!)





If you’re feeling overwhelmed + always short on time?

Get ready to save hour upon hour as efficiency
increases with your new high-leverage routines and habits  

(and less time is spent on drama or repairing bloopers that
shouldn’t have happened in the first place!).

The Directors Inner Circle is only for Directors who:

1. Are ready to take responsibility for their school
(and stop blaming the board, the state, the teacher and the
parents. Oh, and the students. And the weather)

2. Have a positive attitude. Of course there’s room
for negative emotions. But we only want Directors

3. Are willing to invest in their professional growth
and the level of excellence of their school.

4. Will ask for help. If your ship is “sinking”, you
gotta let us know. If you do, we’re here to help you
find your solve ASAP.

The Directors Inner Circle is where you’ll start OWNING WHO YOU ARE

(and it’s the end of “did I do the
right thing?! – syndrome!)

Those sticky situations?

When you don’t know how to proceed?

 I’ll tell you exactly what to do.

And hand you a script, guide or document to help you +
your team confidently implement! Bottom line?

The good ol’ days, where teachers came begging for a job are over.
If you want to thrive (if you want your school to thrive!)…

…you’ll need to develop the leadership skills to deal with
chaos, uncertainty, volatility, and ambiguity.

In the end, it’s not a blueprint, or a guidelines that’s going to save the day.

It’s YOU.

So, let’s get you set up with the routines, actions and behaviors that will transform your school’s culture (and therefore… your life!).

If you’re ready for EXCELLENCE?



A 12-month Virtual Learning Community

Spots are extremely limited. By application only.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get access to you?
The unique Director’s Inner Circle framework, the live calls and the private online community ensures you’ll get all the access you need to get your questions answered and consistently improve your school.
What if I’m very busy?
Every director is very busy. That’s why the content inside this mastermind is short and easy to digest. You can watch a quick 10-minute video and go straight to implementing it into the daily reality of leading your school. Did we mention the curriculum is designed to help you save up to 20 hours a week in 90 days?
Maybe I should wait till next round?
Waiting for next round means this: another year of doubting your own leadership (did I do the right thing?!). Avoiding difficult conversations. Teachers that get stuck at mediocre. Being late for dinner. Chronic rushing. Getting interrupted. Honestly, why would you do that to yourself?
Can’t I get a handle using free resources?
You COULD, how’s that been working out for you? Yes, you can find anything you want on the internet these days, but a pro isn’t going to try and scrape info together, spending hours on research. A pro accesses the fasttrack, so they can start implementing and seeing change (rather than getting red eyeballs because of late night googling). And you’re a pro, right? 🙂
What makes you confident I’ll get results?
In three words: READ THE TESTIMONIALS. And… take a look at the screenshots while you’re at it! These are all honest shares from directors just like you who have experienced massive transformation in every area: self confidence, buy-in, retention rates, crushing deadlines and so much more.
How can I make sure I’m a good fit?
Simple! Book your call by clicking HERE. You’ll be asked to fill out a couple of questions during the process. Can’t wait to connect and hear your story!
I want this. What is my next step?
You CLICK HERE to apply. Fill out the short questionnaire. And we’ll reach out to you within 24 hours to book your call if we feel you’re a good fit.


Should Ask Questions:

How will my school look in 90 days?
If you do the work, in 90 days you can expect the results as they’ve been shared on this page. Highlights mentioned are no more organizational chaos, starting the year feeling blissfully calm, streamlined processes and time for “the big picture”!
What should I do if I don’t trust myself or lack confidence?
Join us inside the Director’s Inner Circle. Because the entire mastermind is designed to help you build confidence. You’re not lazy or inadequate. Your job just didn’t come with a manual. We hand you that manual. Resulting in a school of excellence.
What type of directors are in this group?
Directors just like you (from Montessori, Reggio Inspired school leaders, traditional to Christian, Jewish, ANYTHING!), who want to level up their school. Have more time. And enjoy their work. They’re honest and POSITIVE people. And they share their struggles. Lift each other up. That’s why every director needs to apply. We’re very protective of the safe space we’ve created. APPLY HERE.