Work With Me

How can I help you build a school of excellence?

Whether you’re new to the field, a seasoned director with decades of experience or you have veteran teachers or all newbies – I’ve got your back!

What to expect when working with me

Being an EC leader is A LOT OF WORK and requires collaboration, consistent follow up and accountability.

I know and understand the ins and out of leadership in early childhood and teacher training.

And I know that you KNOW yourself and your staff and why your schools situation is unique and different from anyone else.

It is this EXACT combination that creates momentum and gets you the results that you are looking for.

These programs and services are for directors and owners that are ready to roll up their sleeves, do the work and have fun. Not to just check off the boxes.


EC Summit of Excellence

The ripple effect starts with you.

Join me, my guest expert speakers, and a select group of highly-driven directors in a chic event space in Brooklyn, New York, for two days of high performance training, collaboration, and implementation. Work hard, play hard, and build your school of excellence.

EC Leadership Online Conference

The definitive summit for early childhood leaders

Learn from top celebrity leadership thinkers like Simon Sinek, marshall Goldsmith, Kris Murray, Sally Haughy, Rick Ellis, and others on these four areas:

    • Leadership
    • School marketing and branding
    • Reggio-inspired teaching
    • Parent partnerships

Includes lifetime access to the whole library of speaker videos plus the book list, resource guide, valuable collaboration and connections in the private Facebook group, and more.

The Director’s Inner Circle

A monthly membership to collaborate with the best in your field

Join a select group of highly-driven directors who:

  • Are done with making excuses and know the success of the school is in their capable hands
  • Want to keep learning the best, proven systems and frameworks to work more efficiently in their school
  • Want to be connected and surrounded with other like minded leaders committed to excellence
  • Desire accountability that motivates them to take action and follow through to victory on their big goals

“Directors learn how to tackle their challenges, formulate tangible action plans, and regain a sense of calm in what many times can feel like an “overwhelming sea of stress.”

School Leadership Toolkit

As the school leader you MUST focus on other areas and build a completely different skill set than you needed as a teacher.

Get these 10 resources to help you to stop managing and start leading:

  • The Parent Partnership Blueprint
  • How to Lead Teacher Conferences
  • The Parent Archetype Training
  • How to Fix Your To-Do List Problem
  • How to Create Your Calendar for 1×1 Meetings with Staff
  • How to Filter Distraction to Make the Best Decisions
  • BONUS: The Difficult Conversations Template
  • BONUS: The Teacher Appreciation Food Workbook
  • BONUS: Reflective Questions to Ask Teachers for Goals and Performance Reviews
  • BONUS: The Daily Huddle

The Leadership Accelerator (1-1 Services)

It’s like having me come through an earpiece in your ear, to script through any difficult challenges.

For leaders who:

  • Want to dramatically accelerate your results in your school
  • Want access to all the materials from the Inner Circle but also want my counsel on a more high-touch, private basis
  • Want end-to-end, personalized help with situations as they arise: an upcoming staff meeting; a difficult parent conference; teacher issues…I can develop scripts, blueprints, and customized frameworks to help you.

“One-on-one coaching with Chanie has helped us identify the reasons for the challenges we are experiencing, set goals to help solve them, and create benchmarks to help us reach those goals — which, thanks to her ongoing feedback, we do.”

Effective Meeting Blueprint

With the Effective Meeting Blueprint Mini-Course, you will learn:

  • The meeting archetypes and the formula that guarantees focus, execution and results!
  • Skills and the Strategies for each type of meeting
  • Design thinking – How to get everyone on your team thinking creatively
  • How to make time for teacher observation, individual meetings and the framework for follow up and accountability

Curriculum Sereis

The most efficient year round guide for your staff to generate creative ideas that are developmentally appropriate for every learning center

Book Me to Speak

Looking for a keynote speaker for your event, or guest expert for your retreat?

My most popular talks include:

  • How To Create A Culture Of Innovation And Risk-Taking
  • Empowering Excellent Educators
  • Developing a Strategic Mindset: Creating A Calendar That Serves You (So You Can Stop Putting Out Fires All Day)

I can create a custom topic to fit your audience’s needs.