The Top 5 Questions I Get Asked by EC Leaders

And how to solve them

Below, you'll find the top five questions I get asked by EC Leaders. Under each question, you can listen to my short, targeted answer for how you can solve the problem. Just hit the play button to listen.

1. I give my staff feedback and they don’t take action... How can I solve this?

2. Why are the teachers submitting their newsletters and lessons plans after the deadline has passed? How can I get it to stop?

3. My parents don't value the work that me and my staff do. How can I change that?

4. I’m overwhelmed and my to do list is longer than I can handle. Where can I start?

5. My family gets whatever I have left after work. How can I change that? I want to give them more, but I feel depleted at the end of the day.


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Video Testimonials from 2018's Event

Chanie! You have incredible drive and vision, and have created something meaningful, worthwhile, and of very high caliber! Kol Hakavod and may it go from strength to strength!

The practical ideas and strategies, the support around creating standards and mapping out goals, breaking down the steps – it has given me confidence and drive to reach my next goals.

I left with tangible steps and strategies as well as tools to implement them to bring my school up a notch!

- Leah Shemtov

There were so many positives! I feel like I have a lot of work to do, but I now have a plan and a calendar. I’m now creating standards instead of expectations for everything!

The speakers gave so much value. I would love to see Dr Diaz again, I loved her. Lolly was amazing – so motivating, and she gave clear, usable ideas for dealing with staff.

- Missy Griffin

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