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Want 10 resources to lead your school?
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The School Leadership Toolkit

Focus on the areas in your school that will actually help you build a collaborative culture.
  • Where you the superstar teacher?
  • Did all the parents and kids love you?
  • Where you incredible in the classroom?
AWESOME! That is probably what got you into this position as the school leader.
But as my good friend Marshall Goldsmith stated.
“What do you HERE won’t get you THERE”
As the school leader you MUST focus on other areas and build a completely different skill set than you needed as a teacher.

Without these skills you are trapped chasing your tail and putting out fires all days.

And it isn’t your fault.

No one teaches you this before you take the reins. You’re left to own devices, and wondering why it’s so hard and if you are really cut out for this?

Luckily I’ve created the School Leadership ToolKit

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What’s inside the School Leadership ToolKit?

The Parent Partnership Blueprint

($97 value)

The partnership between teacher and parent is so valuable. It’s the bedrock of the success of the school.

  • Happy parents = parents coming back
  • Parent coming back = better referrals
  • More referrals = full classrooms

If you want this – then you need to get the Parent Partnership Blueprint

It will walk you through a simple way your teachers can consistently add to the emotional bank account of every parent without it taking hours of work

I walk you through:

  • HOW to introduce it to your staff?
  • HOW to get their buy in?
  • The script for teachers to talk to parents on the phone without it taking 30 minutes each
  • Teachers need a script to follow to respectfully tell parents the time is up
  • Email scripts, and more!
How to Lead Parent Teacher Conferences

($197 value)

Whether you have veteran or newbies this mini masterclass will give your teachers a framework for how to lead a parent teacher conference.

  • What to say in the opening and middle
  • How to close the conference
  • What to say when the parent doesn’t stop talking and their time is up
  • How to introduce a concern to a parent
  • And much more
TOOL #3:
The Parent Archetype Training

($197 value)

In this mini training your teachers will learn The Parent Archetypes – what they are and how to understand them in a way that helps you connect with parents.

There are four Parent archetypes:

  1. Caregiver
  2. Explorer
  3. Jester
  4. Thunder

In this training you’ll learn:

  • How to consistently connect with parents that doesn’t drain your time
  • Questions to ask staff to ensure their buy-in in this process
  • A system to ensure you are feeding their emotional bank account
  • A new twist on a parent partnership program
TOOL #4:
How to Fix Your To-Do List Problem

($197 value)

In this training you’ll learn:
  • Diagnose your productivity problem
  • Assess your new TO DO list using the Eisenhower Matrix
  • What are the series of steps you need to take to achieve your goals
  • How to put the system into action
  • Making it practical in your school
TOOL #5:
How to Create Your Calendar for 1x1 Meetings with Staff

($47 value)

In this training you’ll learn:
  • Why 1-1 meetings are valuable
  • How to get your teachers on board with this
  • How to set in your calendar so it’s automated
TOOL #6:
How to Filter Distraction to Make the Best Decisions

($47 value)

In this training you’ll learn:
  • Four questions to ask yourself about decision making
  • How to understand where your time really goes
  • Strategies for making better decisions

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The Difficult Conversations Template 

($97 value)

How to plan, lead and succeed with difficult conversations

As a school leader you need to have conversations with teachers all the time about

  • Why they came late – again
  • Why they aren’t following the dress code – again
  • How come their newsletter is late – again

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

You need to know how to navigate these conversations if you want to succeed as a leader.

In the template I walk you through step by step

  • What to say
  • How to say it
  • The script
  • How to follow up
  • And how to hold her accountable to what you made up
The Teacher Appreciation Food Workbook

($47 value)

25 different ways to appreciate teachers with food. This workbook is complete with:

  • What themes and types of food you can set up for staff
  • Pictures for inspiration
  • Materials needed
  • The national food holiday list
Reflective Questions to Ask Teachers for Goals and Performance Reviews

($97 value)

Too many times we run through the year and never take the time to notice how far we’ve come.

This list of 20 questions for teachers to reflect on in at the end of the year.

  • Reflect
  • Process
  • and assist with the goal setting process to be concrete and actionable.
The Daily Huddle

($47 value)

How to get everyone on your team operating from the same playbook

  • Need your team to meet deadlines?
  • Want to know how you can do this without micromanaging and chasing them down?
  • What questions you should ask to ensure accountability?

This content is priceless and because the end of the year is so close –
I want you to have what you need to succeed.

In summary, here’s what you get:

How to Lead Parent Teacher Conferences
The Parent Partnership Blueprint
The Parent Archetype Training
How to Fix Your To-Do List Problem
How to Create Your Calendar for 1x1 Meetings with Staff
How to Filter Distraction to Make the Best Decisions
The Difficult Conversations Template
The Teacher Appreciation Food Workbook
Reflective Questions to Ask Teachers for Goals and Performance Reviews
The Daily Huddle

The total value of the items in this toolkit is over $1,070
and you can get all of this for just $97! (SAVE $100)

Meet Chanie

Chanie Wilschanski MSEd is an early childhood leadership coach and CEO of DiscoverED Consulting. Her leadership program is designed to help early childhood directors build a school of excellence, a collaborative culture and create an environment that fosters the growth of teachers as leaders.

Her writing has appeared in the Huffington Post, Readers Digest, Medium, INC and Thrive Global.

She has also been interviewed on NBC News Radio with Sara Lee Kessler.

In addition, she currently directs the Early Childhood Teacher Training program at the Beth Rivkah College in Brooklyn, NY – where she lives with her husband and 4 children.