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One on one coaching with Chanie has been helpful in so many ways.  Chanie has helped us identify the reasons for some of the challenges we are experiencing, set goals to help fix or solve those problems and create benchmarks to help us reach those goals.  Even though Chanie isn’t physically in my building she has guided me in becoming a better leader and in making instrumental changes in my role as Early Childhood Director.  Her feedback and accountability has kept me on track and enabled me to achieve my goals!

Talia Levine, Director in Torah Academy of Boco FL

“My staff participated in the Sensory and Impulsive Behavior workshop this year. The information shared was very clear, detailed and practical. It has helped our teachers grow and become better educators. A month later, Chani followed up to see how we are doing in implementing the suggestions and resources she gave us and each class was given goals. The next step was following up with me on how I see the teachers implementing the strategies. The teachers felt very comfortable and opened up to Chani, sharing what works for them and what areas they find challenging.”

Leah Goldman, Director, Center City Jewish Preschool

“It’s August and I keep noticing frazzled directors and other school leaders overwhelmed and struggling to get the year started and I keep wondering why I don’t feel this way. It’s because I’ve worked with Chanie this year and she’s helped me set up the right systems and strategies in place for my school!”

Rivka Wineberg, City Gan, Long Island City, New York

“Before joining the Inner Circle we had organized chaos – things always got done when they needed to but I had no real set schedule for how I spent “my time” getting things done. I KNEW this was the next best step for me, but I was hesitant to join and use the budget towards my training instead of the staff – I took the leap and haven’t looked back! What surprised me is how SIMPLE and EASY Chanie makes it to follow steps, take action and get things done! The inner circle has provided me with a roadmap with specific direction to help me reach my personal destination.”

Brenda Gill, Gillam Preschool & Child Centre in Gillam, Manitoba

“I have a lot of talkers and chatters on my team and I needed a system to follow so I can walk out of every meeting with concrete goals and be able to hold them accountable. Now I have an agenda and it really is so much easier to delegate- before I used to hash out things and not really move the needle. I feel that I’ve stopped making excuses that I’m not clear enough- not we have a plan.”

Ronnie Nelson, owner of Child Time

“Using Chanie’s strategies for the one on one meetings with my teachers allowed me to create a platform to build great communication with the teachers which then created a space for us to brainstorm ways to deal with issues and implement strategies as needed for each classroom.

It directly influenced the classroom as the teacher felt empowered after our meeting to handle issues or circumstances. I saw teachers growing in their ability to interact with students even better, have better classroom management, have better communication with parents, growth in curriculum and a handle on a student that needed more.

To be honest, more than anything it helped me appreciate and guide teachers rather than believing a teacher was just not cut out for a specific area of teaching. It has been helping set a tone of professionalism and educational growth in all staff. I’d say it helped me be a more effective director by freeing up time to focus on meetings and internal structure.”

Mimi Wilheim, Portland, Oregon

“Prior to the training, my assistants didn’t really feel that they are so integral for the success of the classroom and the children. With Chanie’s insight, they learned key tips and strategies to work effectively as a team. My staff loved the workshop very much & got insight on themselves and how they operate. Following the training, close to 90% of my staff created the various environmental cues and prompts as strategies to create a more fluid classroom environment. The real transformation was with 100% of my staff sitting down and creating lists of responsibilities of what every teacher and an assistant are responsible for. There is more crystal clear communication and as a director I see the difference it makes!”

Wendy Gerson, CELC Upper west side, NYC

“Before trying out these new strategies, we didn’t really have a system for personal teaching meeting, observation and follow up. Now, I started making meetings with my teachers twice a week. Tuesday for an hour and Thursdays for 90 minutes. I learned about the strategies on a Monday morning, by the end of the week I had met with 3 of my teachers!I was truly on a high – it was amazing for me and my teachers. Another thing, I have always wanted to get into the classes and observe, so using the block and tackle method I created a slot in my calendar where I observe in classes. I was hesitant at first about trying something new – but I LOVE it! My teachers are no longer strangers to me – I know what going on in their lives, and the teachers were thrilled!” 

Pearl Stroh, CELC Upper west side, NYC