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Meet the Owners and Directors

Managing Your Calendar and The Direct Impact On The Culture

Melissa Alvarado
New Wonders
New York City, New York

Secrets To Great Retention 

Sharon Hopson
La Bella Vita Montessori School
Omaha, Nebraska

How to Create a Culture of Accountability 

Missy Griffin
The Growing Room
Cincinnati, Ohio

Vulnerability to Create and Environment of Risk Taking

Shani Skydell
Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey
River Edge, New Jersey

Parent Initiatives and Partnerships that Bring Them on Board

Stephanie Rino
Foundations ECE
Casper, Wyoming

How Mapping Out The Year Saved The Company Money

Ronnie Nelson
Child Time Inc.
Salt Lake City, Utah

How Self-Care Impacts The Way You Show Up

Naomi Lavergne Smith
Slater Torah Academy
New Orleans, Louisiana

Why Consistency In Staff Meeting Structure Pays Off With Collaboration

Lisa Manges
Faith Lutheran Church and Preschool
Fair Oaks, California

The Ripple Effect of 1-1 Meetings and Teacher Observations​

Elana Fertig
Yeshiva of South Shore
Long Island, New York

How to Become Confident in Your Decision Making

Katie Duggan
Cadence Academy Preschool
Bourne, Massachusetts

Meet Chanie Wilschanski

I’m an Early Childhood Leadership Coach and Culture Specialist, and have had the privilege of working with hundreds of EC Directors who are working to build a school of excellence.

I began my journey over a decade ago, teaching toddlers at the acclaimed Preschool of the Arts in NYC.

Continuing my path into higher studies, I got my Masters in EC and Special Education, and started training teachers and school leaders on the HOW part of creating excellence in their schools.

Through my journey, I got married and I have 4 children ages 1, 4, 6 and 8. My hands are full! I know what it takes to lead a large center and have a full-time job at home as well.

Chanie Wilschanski has been featured in:

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Testimonials from Owners and Directors who Work with Chanie
My teachers are engaged in meetings and are super excited for the new year!
We are fully staffed, and teachers feel supported and happy.
Teachers are sending me messages to tell me how much they love working at the school!
My staff is buzzing with excitement!

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