masterclass two
​​The ​Teacher
How to Create a Common Language Working Towards the Same Goal

This is the second Masterclass in The School of Excellence Ripple Effect series.

In Masterclass 2 of the Ripple Effect, we are looking at The Teacher, and how you can create a common language with your staff as you move towards the same goals. 

We look at the three biggest challenges with staff, and the three biggest wants from directors, as well as diving into the drivers to build a school of excellence and the top three reasons teachers aren't consistent.

The Director
Mastering the Key Paradigm Shifts
  • What is the super skill you need to master to create everything you want in your school 
  • What are the 3 routines to create a ripple effect towards a model program and school
  • the Teachers
    Create a Common Language working towards the same goal
    • How to script your company language
    • How to choose a shared goal
    • What tools you can hand to your staff so they can be more intentional with the children
    The Parents
    The Balance Between Empathy & Authority
    • Why parents put on armour when they walk into a meeting
    • How to navigate them into taking off their armour as you balance empathy and authority

    Replay available 3-13-19

    The Summit of Excellence
    The Ripple Effect of Doing One Thing
    • The Number One metric to measure a collaborative culture
    • The number one ritual of creating an environment of risk taking
    • The number one routine to create a culture of innovation

    Replay available 3-26-19

    • Do you want staff who bring fresh ideas into the classroom, and who work together towards shared goals?
    • Do you want parents who value your teachers?
    • Do you want more confidence to lead your team?

    The change starts with you.

    Join us for The EC Summit of Excellence.

    NEW YORK CITY | 15 - 16 JULY 2019

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