Ripple Effect


This FREE 4-part Virtual Masterclass Series is for EC owners and directors who want to build a school of excellence.

Access the replays of these sessions below, looking at:

  • The Director: Mastering Key Paradigm Shifts
  • The Teachers: How to Create a Common Language Working Towards the Same Goal
  • The Parents: Creating Balance Between Empathy and Authority
  • The Summit of Excellence: The Ripple Effect of Doing One Thing
The Director
Mastering the Key Paradigm Shifts
  • What is the super skill you need to master to create everything you want in your school 
  • What are the 3 routines to create a ripple effect towards a model program and school
  • the Teachers
    Create a Common Language working towards the same goal
    • How to script your company language
    • How to choose a shared goal
    • What tools you can hand to your staff so they can be more intentional with the children
    The Parents
    The Balance Between Empathy & Authority
    • Why parents put on armour when they walk into a meeting
    • How to navigate them into taking off their armour as you balance empathy and authority

    The Summit of Excellence
    The Ripple Effect of Doing One Thing
    • The Number One metric to measure a collaborative culture
    • The number one ritual of creating an environment of risk taking
    • The number one routine to create a culture of innovation

    Replay available 3-26-19

    • Do you want staff who bring fresh ideas into the classroom, and who work together towards shared goals?
    • Do you want parents who value your teachers?
    • Do you want more confidence to lead your team?

    The change starts with you.

    Join us for The EC Summit of Excellence.

    NEW YORK CITY | 15 - 16 JULY 2019

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