Ripple Effect


This FREE 4-part Virtual Masterclass Series is for EC owners and directors who want to build a school of excellence.

Join Chanie Wilschanski for four LIVE training sessions (which will be recorded) looking at:

  • The Director: Mastering Key Paradigm Shifts
  • The Teachers: How to Create a Common Language Working Towards the Same Goal
  • The Parents: Creating Balance Between Empathy and Authority
  • The Summit of Excellence: The Ripple Effect of Doing One Thing
February 13th
@ 2pm EST
February 27th
@ 2pm EST
March 13th
@ 2pm EST
March 26th
@ 2pm EST
The Director
Mastering the Key Paradigm Shifts
  • What is the super skill you need to master to create everything you want in your school 
  • What are the 3 routines to create a ripple effect towards a model program and school
  • the Teachers
    Create a Common Language working towards the same goal
    • How to script your company language
    • How to choose a shared goal
    • What tools you can hand to your staff so they can be more intentional with the children
    The Parents
    The Balance Between Empathy & Authority
  • Why parents put on armour when they walk into a meeting
  • How to navigate them into taking off their armour as you balance empathy and authority
  • The Summit of Excellence
    The Ripple Effect of Doing One Thing
    • The Number One metric to measure a collaborative culture
    • The number one ritual of creating an environment of risk taking
    • The number one routine to create a culture of innovation

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    The School of Excellence
    Ripple Effect

    When you invest in yourself, when you change yourself, you start a ripple effect.

    That single action that you take, that single piece of work you do will span out and start the process of change.

    And when you keep doing the work?

    It ripples across your school.

    It ripples across your teachers.

    It ripples across your parents.

    And finally, it impacts the child.

    Meet Chanie Wilschanski

    I’m an Early Childhood Leadership Coach and Culture Specialist, and have had the privilege of working with hundreds of EC Directors who are working to build a school of excellence.

    I began my journey over a decade ago, teaching toddlers at the acclaimed Preschool of the Arts in NYC.

    Continuing my path into higher studies, I got my Masters in EC and Special Education, and started training teachers and school leaders on the HOW part of creating excellence in their schools.

    Through my journey, I got married and had 4 children (ages 1, 4, 6 and 8). My hands are full! I know what it takes to lead a large center and have a full-time job at home as well.

    Chanie Wilschanski has been featured in:
    Testimonials from Directors who Work with Chanie
    My teachers are engaged in meetings and are super excited for the new year!
    We are fully staffed, and teachers feel supported and happy.
    Teachers are sending me messages to tell me how much they love working at the school!
    My staff is buzzing with excitement!

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