The EC Summit of Excellence 2021

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Schools in Crisis Interview Series

A Virtual Series for Directors and Owners who want to

Focus on Stability, Security, and Success

May 10-14th

Life-changing question for
School Owners & Directors

who are on the journey to building schools of excellence:

What’s the difference between a school with a collaborative culture, that positively impacts the lives of children, has a team of engaged teachers who take ownership and frees up the school leader's time so they can confidently focus on the big picture strategies and growth...

….and the school leaders that are on a hamster wheel of fighting fires, chronic overwhelm, time starvation and no personal life dealing with unappreciative parents and underperforming teachers?

If you guessed... much more they pay their teachers,

You'd be wrong. much better their benefits and bonus offers are,

You'd be wrong. much time they spend motivating and boosting staff morale,

You'd be wrong.

...or how they have access to a bigger pool of quality staff

You'd be wrong.

Because as every high performing school leader will tell you... 

$5 gift cards, policies and procedures, and team building activities don’t work until YOU change your habits and routines.

Which is WHY... 

"The school culture is an EFFECT of the leaders daily behaviors, actions and routines."

The EC Summit of Excellence is taking place
at Dobbin St in Brooklyn, New York.

National CDA Training endorses this conference and verifies that this certificate documents 13 hours of training in the CDA content area of “Managing an effective program operation”.


The EC Summit of Excellence

And start the ripple effect as you build your school of excellence.

Click below to and make this your school's best year yet.

Mapping Out Your School Strategies

for the Year With The 10 Plans

Systems drive behavior.

So if you want any behavioral changes in your staff, leadership team, yourself - we need to think about the system that serves it. 

You may be thinking - I have systems!

I have policies.

They just don't follow them.

Ah! That’s the difference with the School of Excellence System™!

Step 1: is creating the system.

Step 2: is designing the environment that will fuel this system.

Step 3: is building the routines and habits that ensure consistent results.

And at the EC Summit of Excellence, you’ll be learning how to implement all 3 steps with these 10 systems.

1. Teacher Retention Plan

Teacher retention is so much more than “gift cards” , “benefits” and working hard. It’s about creating an environment that makes your school a privilege to work in.

A place that feels like a career and where staff want to bring their best foot forward everyday.

Here is what we will unpack:

  • How to uncover the root cause for turnover in your school 
  • The mindset you need to adopt if you are in this game for the long haul
  • The rituals that show staff you truly value them and make them want to be loyal to your company

“My staff declined job offers for more money! They want to stay here.”

- Sharon Hopson, La Bella Vita Montessori

3. School of Excellence Culture Blueprint

This is where the amateurs are separated from the pros.

Amateurs give $5 gift cards and think that makes a great culture.

Pros understand they need a blueprint to sustain excellence unless you want to be handing out gift cards everyday of the year. (And that stops working also)

Here is what you learn:

  • What is the bedrock of a great culture - its simpler than you think! 
  • How to design the environment so teachers become ambassadors for the company 
  • The routines so staff share and collaborate and don't hog ideas 
  • Your routines and habits that make for independent staff, confident teacher who take ownership of their work. And much more!

“I have raised the standards & this has created an environment where teachers look at their jobs as careers! I used to think they would run if I held them accountable, just the opposite is true!”

- Missy Griffin, The Growing Room Preschool

5. Classroom Observation Model

Ever come into a classroom and see a child struggling and wonder, is this coming from...

  • The teachers lack of management? 
  • The teacher and child personality clash?
  • The parenting from home?

It can be confusing. This model will give you the following: 

  • The metrics needed so you know the source of the problem 
  • How to follow up with the right people
  • What to say to them and create a plan of action for the child
  • How to follow up and ensure accountability

“This was incredibly helpful for me, I have been SO nervous to do classroom observations because I didn’t know where to start. While I know they are essential and how it’s the missing piece for true accountability and growth - I kept pushing it off. Now I totally feel that i can be successful at this!"

- Jillian Farris, A Tiny Lab for Early Learning

7. Standards for Communication

Want teachers to solve their own problems?

Want them to stop interruption you for everything?

Wish they knew what to say to parents so you didn’t need to get involved in everything?

The standards for communication give you the following

  • The scripts to guide teacher to think through own solutions 
  • The guidelines for no more gossip
  • The technique so the staff and parents respect your time
  • And much more!

“We created times and days when my leadership team meets together. This has eliminated so much unnecessary back and forth and miscommunications! We have saved time and money. It’s been our most productive year!”

- Ronnie Nelson, Child Time Inc.

9. Teacher Initiative Invitation

Getting buy-in and bringing teachers onboard, or boosting morale is the short term game. 

Want to play the long game to get consistent results? You want a system to consistently invite teacher on the journey to excellence. Here is what you will learn:

  • How to invite a teacher to grow and change 
  • What to say when she is resist or gives push back
  • The framework when introducing a new initiative to ALL your teachers
  • And much more 

“I realized that I needed to create the environment that invited the teachers to grow with me. When I stopped feeling the need to have all the answers and solve everything, the teachers started showing up differently!”

- Stephanie Rino, Foundations Early Care Education

2. Teacher Accountability System

Accountability is not just about not chasing staff or admin for deadlines

It’s about knowing that the projects will be completed to the Standards of excellence

It’s about the confidence that your team will follow through

Here are some of the strategies you will place in your calendar and learn how to implement at the event.

  • How to build a powerful aligned action plan for you and your teachers that matches the future goals and vision of the company 
  • Scripts to hold the team accountable 
  • The routines to build confidence in your team

“My team is now accountable to the projects & tasks they need to complete. If it doesn’t get done, I hand it back to them. They take ownership now & I don’t hold it on my shoulders.

- Katie Duggan, Cadence Academy Preschool

4. Habit forming system for your teachers

Show me a school that is struggling with:

  • Disengaged teachers
  • Highs and lows 
  • Inconsistent results 
  • Poor attendance

And they are wondering how other people are doing it? Their secret? They have winning routines and habits! You will learn:

  • How to make decisions powered by the maintenance mindset 
  • What to put in your environment that will trigger staff to engage with the children every time!?
  • What habits you and your team need to implement to get consistent results. 

“We start off our staff meetings with each teacher sharing a win and something she needs help with. It’s incredible to see how it’s connected the team and created a beautiful environment!”

- Talia Levine, Yeshiva Torah Chaim

6. Confidence Booster Framework

Sometimes we feel like we need a confidence boost.

Or we need to boost morale in our team.

Here is what the confidence booster system does:

  • How to develop a positive mindset so you can move forward with out fear, guilt, shame, worry, or anxiety 

  • How to unlock and activate your heroic self, and learn how to guide your teachers to do the same

I own WHO I am, and enter conversations that way. It shows in the ownership and buy in from staff.”

- Missy Griffin, The Growing Room Preschool

8. Boundaries Blueprint

“Clear is kind, unclear is not kind”  - Brené Brown

The best schools are the ones who have leaders who have personal and professional boundaries and honor them!

You will walk away with:

  • How to filter what is important and what is a distraction 
  • What are the most valuable activity for you to drive your school forward
  • How to avoid decision fatigue
  • The routines to allocate energy so you come home invigorated and not like a wrung out towel

“I am a MUCH nicer person in the morning than in the evening. Creating this boundary with the parents has helped me be a better leader, and offer more value and support for the parents.”

- Elana Fertig, Yeshiva of South Shore

10. Meeting Ritual Roadmap

Staff meetings create camaraderie and teamwork with the staff. They also enlightens you on teachers competency levels, and created opportunity for amazing growth with each teacher. 

There is also a lot of missed opportunity at meetings.

With the Meeting Ritual Roadmap, you will walk away with:

  • How to set up meeting ritual that lay the foundation for risk taking and innovation 
  • How to start and close meetings
  • How to prepare for maximum engagement - even the shy introverts sharing new ideas
  • And much more

“We have a system structure for our meetings. They have turned into something fun and enjoyable that our staff look forward to! We look at ourselves as professionals now and it’s truly been amazing!”

- Lisa Manges, Faith Lutheran Preschool

These 10 plans sound amazing!

I know, right?!

But here is the next problem I see at conferences.

People come to the event they learn some ideas and then they need to figure out when and how they will do it in their school? 

At the EC Summit of Excellence, you will be mapping out your year at the event.

As you learn these new systems and strategies, we will have implementation time to plot them on your calendar and make sure you actually do it! 

When you leave, your workbook will have the school year mapped out, so you know specifically when you will be working on your teacher retention strategy, your teacher accountability strategy, your meeting rituals, and your school culture.

You’ll map out...

What retention strategies you’ll do in September...

What routines will keep people accountable in November...

What rituals you'll use to keep morale high in January...

And so on. 

"I am absolutely in awe of the monumental conference you have created!"

"I am absolutely in awe of the monumental conference you have created for early childhood leaders. And I am so proud to be part of it!

I listened to some of the Leadership presenters late into the night, and although I was exhausted, I came to school energised. It's the best staff development I ever experienced!"

- Goldie Golding


The EC Summit of Excellence

And start the ripple effect as you build your school of excellence.

Click below to and make this your school's best year yet.

Who Is This Event for?

  • If you are an EC owner or director
  • If you want to be more successful in your school
  • If you want to have quality to the work you do
  • If you want to create structure to the chaos that happens
  • If you understand that the change starts with you
  • If you want to build the powerful routines and habits that embody a successful leader
  • If you’re looking for how to reach your goals and implement them

Then this event is for you.

If this is you, if you want success, quality, structure, routines, change...

You need to join us and experience for yourself how this event can change you and your school.

Who this event is NOT for...

This conference is not for you if...

- You want to spend two days being pitched to by sponsors
- You want to spend hours browsing vendors
- You want to learn how to make silly putty


This event has no sponsors, just content.

This event has no vendors, just content.

This event values your time, and isn't going to waste it teaching stuff you can Google.

This event is pure, valuable content and implementable action plans that, over the next year, will result in...

- Major savings of your time
- Major savings of your money
- Major savings of your well-being

"Chanie! You have incredible drive and vision, and have created something meaningful, worthwhile, and of very high caliber! Kol Hakavod and may it go from strength to strength!

The practical ideas and strategies, the support around creating standards and mapping out goals, breaking down the steps – it has given me confidence and drive to reach my next goals.

I left with tangible steps and strategies as well as tools to implement them to bring my school up a notch!"

- Leah Shemtov

"The group of women at my table were amazing. I loved the practical tips, like cleaning off my desk and writing a to do list before I leave for the day, taking pictures of “wow” moments and starting staff meeting with them.

There were so many actionable things to improve teacher appreciation! I loved watching Dr Diaz modelling a conversation with a teacher. The speakers were entertaining and relevant."

- Chaya Sara Barrocas

"There were so many positives! I feel like I have a lot of work to do, but I now have a plan and a calendar. I’m now creating standards instead of expectations for everything!

The speakers gave so much value. I would love to see Dr Diaz again, I loved her. Lolly was amazing – so motivating, and she gave clear, usable ideas for dealing with staff."

- Missy Griffin

The EC Summit of Excellence

And map out your year in two days.

If you would like to enquire about our group rates (for 3 or more owners and directors), then please email

“If only I could change them…”
Have you ever sat at your desk and wished that you could change something about your school?
Maybe you’d change your teachers – make them more motivated, reliable, passionate, and adaptable to change?
Maybe you’d change your parents – make them more understanding, engaged, and willing to communicate?
There’s an old poem attributed to an Anglican bishop:
When I was a young man, I wanted to change the world.
When I couldn’t change the world, I tried to change my nation.
When I couldn't change the nation, I tried to change my town.
But I couldn't change the town, so I tried to change my family.
Now I realize that the only thing I can change is myself.
If long ago I had changed myself, I could have changed my family.
My family and I could have changed our town.
Our town could have changed the nation.
And then I could indeed have changed the world.
It’s so easy to wish that everyone around us would change – but we’re approaching it backwards...

The change starts with you.

Elana Fertig

"Everything about this event was incredible – you hit it “out of the ball park” amazing!

Some of my key takeaways were clear calendar planning and scheduling, setting up standards, and reframing. Dr Diaz was incredible, so entertaining and funny, and I loved trouble-shooting with her. Rivka Caroline gave great tips and reminders to get exponential returns on our time.

It was so nice to meet people from other states who are dealing with the same issues and who care about the things you care about.


Let me introduce you to the school of excellence
The Ripple Effect

When you invest in yourself, when you change yourself, you start a ripple effect.

That single action that you take, that single piece of work you do will span out and start the process of change.

And when you keep doing the work?

It ripples across your school.

It ripples across your teachers.

It ripples across your parents.

And finally, it impacts the child.


The EC Summit of Excellence

And start the ripple effect.
What happens when your leadership starts from within?
  • You become the designer instead of the doer.
  • You spend dedicated time crafting and directing the culture of your school into a culture of excellence, instead of putting out fires and dealing with interruptions all day.
  • You see yourself as a leader, and make decisions with confidence instead of feeling riddled with frustration and doubt.
  • You are an active participant in your family life, instead of being a spectator who is constantly distracted by thoughts of work.

Leadership from within allows you to lead a great life, and lead by example.

"By far the best event I have ever been to"

"Hi Chanie! Just wanted to say thank you again for a great event.

Val and I have traveled across the country in the last two years quite a few times to attend various trainings and I have to say that yours, by far, is best I have ever been to!

Your passion shines through and your knowledge is priceless! Looking forward to joining your Inner Circle in the future and growing and learning from you and all of the wonderful people in your groups."

- Valerie Peterson and Melissa Vasquez

Our Speakers

Join our waitlist to get the speaker announcement!

And Your Host...

Chanie Wilschanski

The EC Summit of Excellence is designed to give you 2 days of practical, applicable training. They will hand you the roadmap to create the ripple effect you want in your school - from the change you invest in yourself, to your teachers, to your parents, to your children.

I will be delivering the following sessions:

Session 1: How to create a culture where everyone lives your school values every day

Imagine this:

  • A parent walks in frustrated that her call wasn’t responded to 
  • A child is crying at arrival and doesn’t want to let mommy go 
  • Another kid needs assistance in the bathroom
  • And the co teacher didn’t set up the tables the way the main teacher wanted…

How does a teacher live into the core value of honesty at that moment? Or integrity? Or fun? Or playful?

Or whatever your core values are?

In this session:

  • We’ll go through the Values Checklist to ensure you are choosing the right values for your center
  • What routines and habits your staff need in order to live those values
  • We'll go through how to setup the environment so it's easier for teachers to slide into it 
  • There will be practical application as well as reflective questions that you and your team can answer every day to track whether you lived your values 

Session 2: The EC Standards of Excellence™

I had a call with an owner, she said, “I have high standards - how can I get everyone to hold to that standard?”

Great question! The good news is, there is a roadmap to get there.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How to script your standards so that there is clarity for all stakeholders 
  • How to say something once and know it will happen 
  • How to measure if your culture is improving
  • The scripts and tool you need to get your newsletter, lessons plans and other assignment submitted on time

My sessions are based out of hundreds and hundreds of conversations with parents, teachers, and directors, and contain practical, actionable strategies for you to take back to your school of excellence.

I will also be facilitating two Implementation Hour workshops at the end of each day, so you can take plans and strategies back to your school.

About me:

I’m an Early Childhood Leadership Coach and Culture Specialist, and have had the privilege of working with hundreds of EC Directors who are working to build a school of excellence.

I began my journey over a decade ago, teaching toddlers at the acclaimed Preschool of the Arts in NYC.

Continuing my path into higher studies, I got my Masters in EC and Special Education, and started training teachers and school leaders on the HOW part of creating excellence in their schools.

Through my journey, I got married and had 4 children (ages 1, 4, 6 and 8). My hands are full! I know what it takes to lead a large center and have a full-time job at home as well.

Chanie Wilschanski has been featured in:
Testimonials from Directors who Work with Chanie
My teachers are engaged in meetings and are super excited for the new year!
We are fully staffed, and teachers feel supported and happy.
Teachers are sending me messages to tell me how much they love working at the school!
My staff is buzzing with excitement!

The EC Summit of Excellence

And start the ripple effect.
My Personal Promise to You...

Early Childhood education is about scripting Chapter One in a child’s life.

Who shapes that chapter? Directors, parents, and teachers.

At this event, we’re going to dig into the mindset, the tools, and the strategies you need to script the best Chapter One you can.

We know that systems drive behavior, and we know that sometimes the systems are there, but not implemented.

At this event, we will not only give you a system... 

... but we will give you the tools and strategies you need to design the environment to fuel that system...

... as well as the routines and habits you need to ensure consistent results.

I understand the time commitment and the investment it is for you to attend this event.

I know what you are giving up: family, time, and leaving your center behind.

I take that commitment very seriously. And that’s why we structure the event with so much value and actionable delivery.

I take your time as a gift that you’ve given me. And I hold it sacred.

You can leave this event with everything you need to become a school of excellence, and to stay true to your core values as a learning center.

Even in the hard moments, when kids are being sick in the hallway and teachers are yelling at each other in the staff room.

You can go from working 90 hours a week firefighting chaos, to working 40 hours a week with an engaged school of teachers and a community of parents who champion you.

Even when it’s the busy season and you feel like you’re being pulled in 12 different directions.

You will leave with The 10 Plans in your calendar - the strategies, tools, and blueprints to have a school culture that retains the best teachers, that encourages engaged parents, that enables your core values to be at the center of everything you do.

I know you’ve tried things before, and maybe they worked for a short time. But the key to lasting change? Leadership from within.

Naomi Lavergne-Smith

"I have walked away from this event with a ton of practical work done, much knowledge gained, and feeling refreshed, empowered, affirmed, and challenged.

Since I left, I’ve already met with my team twice to work on implementing things I learned at the conference – we are analysing our systems for gaps and clarity, developing/revising our standards, and doing teacher surveys.

I am so grateful to go home with work already mapped out. This takes away some of the overwhelming feeling that I think often plagues people and leads to procrastination!

The speakers were excellent – they offered valuable insight I will be using on a daily basis, and great motivators to get you to believe in yourself and reflect on your practices and beliefs."

"It [the 2018 event] was just really powerful for us, and I feel like we've had the most productive year that we've had in a very long time."

- Ronnie Nelson, Child Time Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah

Be like Ronnie, and make your next school year the most productive year you’ve ever had.

If you would like to enquire about our group rates (for 3 or more owners and directors), then please email

Here's what you get:

2 Days of Training

... from some of the top minds in leadership, behavior, child psychology, and Early Childhood.

Plus, 13 hours towards your CDA content area of "Managing an effective program operation"!


Access to a community of other high-performing leaders who understand what you’re going through, and who will be able to answer questions and encourage you.

$1,441 of Bonuses

... to help you build your school of excellence all year, including training for your teachers.

Practical Workshops

... giving you strategies and tools to use throughout your school year, whether it’s for difficult conversations, maintaining boundaries, or growing a motivated and loyal team.

Time to Network

... with fellow directors and enjoy the community of people who know exactly what you’re going through.

Ask questions, build relationships, and set yourself up for success!

2 Days of Food!

We're providing you with breakfast, lunch, and snacks all day so you can stay energised and focused throughout the training.

Implementation Hours

... at the end of each day so you can plan out exactly how to implement these strategies in your leadership, with Chanie answering questions and walking you through putting it into action.

Reflective Time

... so you can dream big for your school, and do deep work on your leadership skills. 

A Genius Bar!

... of thriving EC Directors who will be talking about topics like retention strategy, parent relationships, calendars and productivity, engagement at meetings, meeting rituals, leadership self-care, standards for communication with staff and parents, and working with a school theme.

What's the Genius Bar?

We have eight incredibly successful EC Directors who will be joining us for Genius Bar sessions on topics like: 

Retention Strategy

How can you implement a strategy that will retain your teachers, and save you thousands of dollars a year in rehiring and retraining staff?

Bring your staff retention questions to the Retention Strategy genius bar.

Parent Relationships

How can you bring parents on board as champions for your school? How can you increase participation and have great parent relationships?

Bring your parent partnership questions to this genius bar!

Calendars & Productivity

How can you get your to-do list done & still get home in time for dinner? How can you reduce interruptions & increase productivity? 

Get actionable calendar strategies at this genius bar.

Engagement at Meetings

How can you get your staff to be focused and on-task during meetings? How can you increase attendance and actually enjoy them?

Improve your staff meetings with the strategies at this genius bar!

Meeting Rituals

What rituals and strategies can you put in place to ensure that your meetings, whether it's 1-1s or whole-staff meetings, go smoothly and consistently well? 

Find out how to implement strategies for meeting success at this genius bar.

Leadership Self-Care

Why is it important to prioritise your self-care as a leader? You can't pour from an empty cup, so it's important that you are intentional about self-care and putting it in your calendar.

Learn how to implement regular self-care and see what it looks like in practice at this genius bar.

Standards for Communication

How can you implement good standards for communication in your school, for with staff AND parents? So that there is consistency, quality, and accountability built in?

Attend this genius bar, and bring all your questions for communication.

Working with a School Theme

Our directors see extraordinary success when they choose a school theme and focus their staff on implementing it. Whether it's a culture of respect, or getting things done, this genius bar is for all of your questions regarding implementing a school theme.

These Directors have all been through Chanie's signature program, Director's Inner Circle, and have seen massive wins and success from implementing the strategies that are being taught over this 2-day event. 

The Genius Bar is an opportunity to sit with these directors in small groups of no more than 4, and ask them questions about their implementation and success, as well as troubleshooting your own experiences.

Lisa Manges

"It was so great to meet other directors and be in conversation with them. The workbook gave a format and strategies for setting goals, focusing on teachers and taking care of them.

Investing in myself and digging deeper to discover who I am and begin to figure out my leadership gaps. Since the event I’ve been using many of the strategies taught at the event – I have been using my calendar, blocking my time, and scheduling monthly staff meetings.

I spent my plane ride home reworking our Preschool mission and vision statements, setting up the projects for my first 90 day goals and reading the Leadership Gap!

I feel better prepared for this upcoming school year with new tools and strategies for leading my staff."

This is the event of the year for
high performing EC Directors AND OWNERS.

Plus, get these bonuses!

Bonus #1: Recordings of all the training, organised in an online vault for easy reference!

Access the EC Summit of Excellence training all year round with our online vault, giving you easy access to all the sessions from the event.

Value - $497

Bonus #2: The Parent Meeting Playbook

The Parent Meeting Playbook is a plug and play blueprint for every type of parent meeting. This PDF workbook is from Dr Diaz's session with our signature coaching program. It gives you the journey from the first signs of a red flag all the way through to the follow up of a parent meeting. 

Value - $197

Bonus #3: The Effective Meeting Blueprint

A system to plan, lead, and succeed in every meeting, that will get everyone engaged and showing up on time, improve accountability and action, and leave your staff feeling inspired. This is a 5-part course that gives you formulas, tools, and strategies for different types of meetings as well as the archetypes you find in them.

Value - $297

Bonus #4: Classroom Management Blueprint

This blueprint contains four trainings that cover developmental domains, creating transitions, setting up signing in, snack time, and circle time, and how to write a social story.

There is over an hour and a half of video training along with PDF worksheets.

Value - $497

Total value of bonuses: $1,488!

Event Schedule
Day one

2020 Schedule to Be Confirmed


2020 Schedule to Be Confirmed

Your ticket includes:

2020 Ticket Details to Be Confirmed


2020 Ticket Details to Be Confirmed

If you would like to enquire about our group rates (for 3 or more owners and directors), then please email

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is The EC Summit of Excellence for?

Where is the event taking place?

Are meals included in my ticket cost?

Which airport should I fly into?

Where should I stay?

Is there parking?

I loved everything about the event! One of my key takeaways was learning how to communicate with my staff and parents.

I’m now looking forward to giving feedback to my staff – both positive and what needs to be worked on!

- Sophia Dabbah

Being together with so many talented people to gain and learn from was a great experience. 

The event also helped me realise that taking care of me is most important.

- Rochel Kalmanson
Be the change you want to see.

If you would like to enquire about our group rates (for 3 or more owners and directors), then please email