3 Days to Refresh Your Skills and
Pave The Way to Excellence In Your School.

 As the new year is about to begin, it’s time to brush up on your skills and look at how you are showing up as a leader.

The REFRESH is a 3-day VIRTUAL event where you will learn specific strategies in key areas to build your school of excellence.


Identify areas of strength and to improve so that you can continue to build a school of excellence.

Download the School of Excellence Scorecard and answer the questions to identify your areas of strength and those that you may need to focus on to continue to build an excellent school.  

Day 1: How To Become the Master of Your Time!

  • How to successfully manage interruptions
  • How to theme your days for efficiency
  • What is an activity filter
  • Why creating an organizing principle for what your day is about constrains decision making


Day 2: Principles For Leadership


  • The script for talking and working with the emotionally needy teacher (there are ways you can ensure you don’t lose your sanity and help them become a member of the team)
  • How to talk to a parent that is in denial and doesn’t want to get on board with you or the teachers.

Day 3: Standards For Communication


  • How to help teachers work with inner team conflict?
  • What to say to staff when they start the “she said, he said” drama
  • The difference between an expectation and a standard
  • How standards create accountability baked into the culture of your organization

Confidently lead your school to EXCELLENCE with:



The World’s Leading Program for Early 
Childhood School Directors…

…. ready to jump off the “hamster wheel” of fighting fires, chronic overwhelm and time-starvation for good!