EC Leaders Show

Episode 9

3 feelings EC Leaders struggle with

  1. Feeling of loneliness and isolation as if you are the only one going through this 
  2. Fear of letting people down and not making everyone happy 
  3. How to handle confrontation 

Listen to the show to learn strategies on how you can handle these feelings and stop letting them paralyze you from building your school of excellence 

Episode 7

The 3 part framework for giving feedback

So you went to observe in the classrooms. Check! You made it in. Now what? 

In this episode I walk you through the 3 part framework for giving a teacher feedback after a class observation. This includes, what to say, how to say it, how to follow up and accountability! 

Episode 6

The process for meeting with a defensive teacher

Ever had to meet with a teacher and you just know it’s heading south? Maybe you already know this teacher is armed with every possible excuse and will jerk off all responsibility and say or do anything to defend her ground?!

In this episode I explain the process for meeting with this teacher so you can be fully prepared.

Episode 5

The difference between stress and burnout

If you have ever felt that you just couldn’t bring yourself to walk in your center – then you are not alone! Many directors have feelings of intense stress, however not dealing with this can lead to burnout which is much harder to recover from.

In this episode I explain the difference in the two and what the red flags that show if you are headed in that direction.

Episode 1

Where Is Your Teacher’s Insecurity Coming from? 

All people battle with insecurity in one way or another. You may find that some of your staff really struggle with this and your wondering how you can help them. 

In this episode I share a diagnostic tool you can use and strategies for practical application in a day to day basis.