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The toolkit includes:

  • Tool #1 - How to lead parent/teacher conferences (a masterclass to show your staff)
  • Tool #2 - Parent Partnership Blueprint (a step-by-step formula for authentic parent relationships)
  • Tool #3 - The Parent Archetype Training (a masterclass to show your staff)
  • Tool #4 - How to Get Your List Done Masterclass Training
  • Tool #5 - How to Create Your Calendar for 1-1 Meetings with Staff Masterclass Training
  • Tool #6 - How to Filter Distractions to Make the Best Decisions (mini training)
  • BONUS #1 - The Difficult Conversations Template
  • BONUS #2 - The Teachers' Appreciation Food Workbook
  • BONUS #3 - Reflective Questions to Ask Teachers for Goals and Performance Reviews
  • BONUS #4 - The Daily Huddle PDF

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