Lonely at the top isn’t just a cliche…

Especially if you’re a school leader.

You have all the training, years, and degrees you need to be a teacher.

But where’s the training and support to be a great school leader?

You have all the training, years, and degrees you need to be an excellent teacher.

But where’s the training and support to build an excellent school?

“Nobody’s doing this.” That’s what I said to myself in 2010 as I started consulting with schools and looked around.

“Keep up the great work you are doing!

You are really filling a void that has existed in the early childhood field by focusing on leadership! Kol Hakavod!

I am so proud of you!”

Goldie Golding
Director of Sharei Torah
Brooklyn NY

The Problem

There was all the training in the world for teachers, and plenty for leadership, but none focused on early childhood leadership.

There was no help for the school director or owner who starts or takes over a school with big dreams, but soon finds herself pulling into the parking lot, banging her head against the steering wheel and thinking, “Here we go again.”

Another day of excuses.


Teachers calling in sick or submitting their two-week’s notice.

Parents wanting to pull their kids out or change their class.

Nagging, wheedling, begging to get that teacher’s newsletter.

Waiting till 5pm (or coming in at 6am) to sit down and do actual work.

 And wondering, at the end of the day, “Is this it? Is this my life?

And the answer is, no. Not if you don’t want it to be.


That’s where I’m different from other coaches or consultants.


I have real systems and frameworks that are proven to work.

That includes scripts – so when a teacher hands you some laughable excuse for why ___, you have the exact words to ____.

When you have to train a teacher to meet with a difficult parent and need to know how to run that meeting, prep for the meeting and follow up with accountability — I’VE GOT YOUR BACK.

I teach you how the language you use in your everyday dialog with teachers can motivate them better. (It’s not the 100-dollar gift card or bonus – contrary to what you think, that’s not what teachers want. If teachers wanted more money, they’d get a different job.

 A unique framework to validate teachers on a consistent basis that DOESN’T suck your time.


Yes, I have my Masters in Early Childhood Development and Special Ed. But my real secret weapon? I have the scripts.

  • The actual words to deal with an emotionally needy teacher.
  • The actual framework to get that teacher to submit the newsletter on time.
  • The actual plug and play, step-by-step blueprint for a difficult parent conversation.

So, rather than ask you a litany of questions and validate you, I give you a concrete framework and action plan:

  • Here’s what to say,
  • here’s what to do,
  • here’s how to follow up.

I also understand the deep nuance of working with teachers: what triggers them, why they show up late, why they put off submitting their work. And I’ll show you how to react to those nuances. I was a classroom teacher for eight years, and I’ve spent the past five years creating, testing and honing frameworks. I don’t do this in a vacuum; I constantly invest in my own professional growth, taking leadership courses with top mentors like David Marquet, and reading at least one book a week (yes, even with four kids). I get on the phone with directors and talk to them: What are you struggling with now? How can I help you? Already thinking of ways I can help you? Right this way.








But don't just take it from me:

Chanie presented a powerful 2-hour session at my Platinum mastermind retreat in 2017.  Not only is she a very gifted trainer and speaker, she is quickly able to diagnose a specific leadership or management challenge, and present nuts and bolts solutions.  She has helped many of my members (owners and directors) in the early learning field be better leaders and I am grateful that she is doing this important work!  I look forward to seeing what great things she will do in the early childhood field over the next decade.

Kris Murray

CEO, Child-Care Marketing

Each time that I have introduced Chanie to a group of early childhood leaders, she has inspired them by her knowledge, passion and insight. She is comfortable with many kinds of educators and with sharing ideas that are new or that are being presented with a new twist or understanding.

Susan Topeck

EC Network Consultant, The Jewish Education Project

It’s August and I keep noticing frazzled directors and other school leaders overwhelmed and struggling to get the year started and I keep wondering why I don’t feel this way. It’s because I’ve worked with Chanie this year and she’s helped me set up the right systems and strategies in place for my school!

Rivka Windeberg

City Gan



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