Struggling to find resources and content to send out to staff and parents during this challenging time? 

                    Want to keep morale high and sustain your school of excellence? 

Everyday, Monday-Friday, from March 23rd through May 1st we will be sending you done for you email content to send to your staff, parents or to keep for yourself! 

Here's what you can expect: 




•Gratitude Tips

That you can just copy, paste and send out to your staff to support and motivate them.

The content over the next 30 days is a platform for you to be able to communicate to your team and truly be there to SEE them and support them. 

Meet Chanie Wilschanski

I’m an Early Childhood Leadership Coach and Culture Specialist, and have had the privilege of working with hundreds of EC Directors who are working to build a school of excellence.

I began my journey over a decade ago, teaching toddlers at the acclaimed Preschool of the Arts in NYC.

Continuing my path into higher studies, I got my Masters in EC and Special Education, and started training teachers and school leaders on the HOW part of creating excellence in their schools.

Through my journey, I got married and had 4 children (ages 1, 4, 6 and 8). My hands are full! I know what it takes to lead a large center and have a full-time job at home as well.

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